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Downloadable Documents

With the help of my trusted NerdBoy, Nate, W/we have compiled a list of templates you can download and use for your own dynamics as well as information resources for those wanting to learn more about terminologies, practices and more!

(All forms and documents are PDF)

Light D/s Contract Template

Medium D/s Contract Template

Strict D/s Contract Template

Submissive Lifestyle Contract

FinDom Debt Contract (In excel format, advised to have spreadsheet program to open)

Extensive Kink/Fetish Checklist (Coming soon!)

Submission Application Template

Roles and Positions in BDSM

Types of D/s Relationships

LGBTQ+ and Gender Terminology

Extensive Terminology and Definitions 

R.A.C.K  Risk Aware Cybersecurity and Kink  What You can do Now

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