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For those, near and far.

Faithful followers. loyal admirers and devoted servants. 

For those yearning for purpose and joy.

For those who want to feel closer to the Divine.

For those who long to kneel and pray to Female Superiority.


Praise to Mistress Mara, my Goddess and Superior.
I kneel before you, 
Graced by your power and beauty.
I put my trust in you Mistress.
I will obey your commands without hesitation and follow your lead.
I will pray at your altar, where your true power reigns. 
Where life begins and where life can be taken. 
Mistress Mara you’re a merciful Goddess
If I do not meet expectations or behave poorly,

I will accept your judgement with thanks and fix my wrong doings. 
I give you my mind and soul for protection and guidance. 
My flesh for your hunger. 
I give my adoration freely and surrender to you, in all ways.
To you Goddess, my Mistress, my Owner. 
I pray to you this day and all my future days.

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