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The Parlour of Sin is a small, private** play space, located just Northeast of Denver, CO.

Equipped with a full bathroom, large sitting area with an outdoor area still under construction. It is the perfect host to all of your deviant desires. Below is an extensive list of all the furniture and toys the space has to offer.

Don't see something you would like to use/see in a future sessions? Is there something you think Mistress just can't live without? Become a Dungeon sponsor and contribute to Mistress Maras space through equipment and toy purchases, gift cards or cash gifts!



Custom Saint Andrews Cross - 10 Hardpoints, Head, Back and Foot Padding

Custom Spanking Bench - Adjustable w/ 9 Leather Strap System

Custom Bondage and Milking Table and Confinement Cage (coming soon)

X-Large Portable Wire Frame Dog Crate

Hismith Sex Machine



Straight Jacket

Front Entry Sleep Sack w/ Dbl. Zipper 

Locking Prisoner Belt

5 Strap Restraint System

Locking Vaginal Chastity Belt

Hand Mitts

Arm Binders (coming soon)

13 Strap Backbone Harness with neck brace (coming soon)

Latex Gas Mask:

2x 18in. hose, 2x air valve, breathing bottle


Chastity Cages

Testicle Cage, Spreader, Vices

Sounding Rods

Anal Spreaders and Hooks

Wartenburg Wheels

CBT Hammers

Heavy Duty Clothespins/Clamps


 Violet Wand Kit x2

TechCare +24 Tens Unit

Shock Collar x2

Stun Gun


Large collection of Sci-Fi Penetrable incl. Ovipositor

(can support XXL toys if you have your own)

Various Anal Training Devices

Silicone Gags

Canes, Whip, Flogger, Paddle, Spanker, EvilStix

Handcuffs, Thumbcuffs, nipple clamps

4 Point Bed Restraint System 


**Because this is a private space, a strict screening process will be asked of you. if you refuse to screen or try to negotiate screening, you will automatically be blocked and sent to the appropriate watchlist. Click here for more screening information!

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