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Virtual Sessions

Text Sessions - $2/Min

Voice Sessions - $5/Min

Video Sessions $10/Min


Cash Meets
$400+ Minimum

$100 Deposit Mandatory Non-Refundable

Can be done in a shopping trip, My choice of store.


Phone Consultation 

$50+ 15-20 mins.

Short phone call to establish compatibility or discuss your interests before booking a session.


Social Meet


(icl. price of activity, the rest goes to Mistress, treated as a CashMeet)
For those interested in deeper discussion before beginning their exploration into the world of BDSM.

Short and Sweet

$300 0.5hr - $400 /1hr

​Simple corporal punishment/impact session, light to heavy.


Standard Session

$800 / 2h (minimum booking)

$1200 / 3h

Sessions longer than 3 hours will be priced individually dependent on content.

Extended Bondage & Confinement

Stand Alone - $1300 / 3h minimum booking

Addition to Session - $300 added to session fee

Bondage / Lock and Leave / Objectification

This session type does not include standard activities and by definition involves extended periods of isolation. I will be paying little to no attention to you, other than the occasional check in or position change. You may take it stand alone or as an addition to a regular session. 

The drive behind creating my own play space was to have the flexibility to extend beyond the standard 'by the hour' style of play. While I love focused, intense sessions, I also enjoy the space to ebb and flow. Below you will find a selection of session types from the most basic 'in and out' to the extended luxury of a multi hour affair.

Click HERE to read everything you need to know prior to submitting an application or booking a session

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