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At the intersection of bold perversion, feminine intuition and deviant beauty is where you can find Me. My Dominance is fueled by a lust for power exchange and an obsession with inflicting pain and using seduction as a way to make one compliant. There are few things more satisfying than finding My way through a submissive mind and making their flesh My possession. 

I am a Professional and Lifestyle Dominatrix based out of Northern Colorado. I have been training in the BDSM Arts privately for the last 6 years, the last 2 years bringing Myself to the virtual world of BDSM. Well versed in proper negotiations of limits and standard safety protocols and constantly seeking opportunities to deepen my craft.

I gravitate to the more Sadistic styles of play, Masochists are My favorite, but My palette remains diverse with classic BDSM Fetish and Erotic BDSM. Each interaction you have with Me will be one of a kind and executed with confidence and mastery. 

I enthusiastically cater to clientele of all demographics as long as you are respectful, thoughtful and aligned. Novice to the experienced are welcome to apply. 

My favorite areas of play:

Sensory Manipulation/Overload/Deprivation

Bondage/Mummification/Body Encasement


Corporal Punishment





Findom/Financial Control/TPE

Boot/Foot Worship

Chastity/Keyholding/Orgasm Control

Service Submissive Training

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