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There’s something about Mara...


At the crossroads of bold perversion, feminine intuition and deviant beauty,

Where Dominance is fueled by a lust for power. control and fear,

She is there, exploring the shadows, navigating dark waters. manipulating the system.



My name is Mara Villana or The Villainatrix. I am a modernly trained, Professional and Lifestyle Dominatrix, specializing in heavy impact, immersive bondage, S&M and fetish scenes. I am Located in North East Colorado.


I am the sole proprietor of a small, extremely private play space, equipped with some of the best toys and custom made furniture to suit all of my devious and kinky proclivities. I am a practitioner of traditional Female Domination with an edgy, modern twist. I love combining seduction and cruelty with an effortless charm. While I always expect a certain level of deference and respect when engaging in play, my style is casual and flexible and very responsive to a large spectrum of players, from the dedicated slave to the wandering sensation seeker. Although I am very interested in knowing what makes you twitch and tingle, ultimately, when you step inside my Domain, I am in control.


My approach is always respectful and I encourage openness and honesty with clear, consistent communication. I am a strong proponent of P.R.I.C.K and R.A.C.K (Personal Responsibility, Informed Consensual Kink and Risk Aware Consensual Kink) and my expectations of you are that you are self aware enough to understand your motivations and confident enough with yourself to hand over control and let me lead the way.


When you enter my space, you will be met with an intelligent, compassionate and self-assured Mistress. Confident in both my power and expertise. Always learning new tricks, educating myself and playing with (and wanting) new toys and keeping a very open mind to bizarre and dark desires. You will also be met with a sinister smile and deep gaze, which will inevitably put you into a trance. What you will not find is any kind of cookie-cutter experience, a dress up dolly, or any kind of projection of your preconceived fantasies. 


If you seek comfort from control, liberation through perversion or catharsis through pain, welcome to my world.

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